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You invested time in making a full-fledged plan for a picnic. But on the D-Day, the bad weather spoiled the whole of it. Or, let’s say, it’s an important day for you but the bad weather ruined it for you. But what if you already knew about the weather conditions? Well, this is now possible with the Weather App. One of the most beautiful and helpful apps, Weather App allows you to see the weather forecast for today, tomorrow, and even for the next 10 days. It uses Weather Underground to furnish you with the weather data that is accurate and reliable. With the Weather App, never let the bad weather come in your way.

Features and Functions

There is a slew of features that have been packed into the app. First and foremost feature of the app is weather forecast. However, along with the forecast, the app also tells you about the current weather condition. If you are looking forward to seeing hourly weather graph, the app has a feature for that as well. Other than general weather conditions, the app also offers information on insights and various other factors related to the weather, for instance, dew point, humidity, visibility, rain chances, pressure, etc. With the app, you can even know sunrise and sunset time. To make people understand the weather conditions easily, the app has different color codes for different weather conditions.

The app leverages your phone’s GPS functionality to automatically retrieve the weather condition of your current location. In fact, you can manually input cities and destinations in the app to know their weather conditions. Whether you wish to know the weather units in Celsius or in Fahrenheit, the app lets you do it all. All the data and insights related to the weather in the app are available to the users in more than 40 languages. The same makes it amazingly convenient for the people to use the app and it boosts the user-experience by several notches.

On the whole, with so many features, missing any important weather information on the Weather App is quite not possible.


When it comes to the interface of the app, it is elegant. The design of the app spellbinds the user with high-definition vectors and graphics. From realistic rain, glowing moon, moving clouds, to the animations of thunderstorms, everything robs the users of speech. All you need to do is swipe and tap to access the different features, which have been strategically placed on the interface. The intuitive nature of the interface further adds to the easy usability of the app.


Nothing is more frustrating than a bad weather. And when you have an important chore to undertake, the bad weather is no less than the biggest hurdle in the way. But when you have already forecasted the weather, it cannot stop you from achieving what you desire. With Weather App, forecasting the weather of today, tomorrow, or next 10 days is a walk in the park. With its myriad of features and accuracy in forecasting, predicting the weather is quite a simple task. So, next time, you are planning something big, do make sure to leverage the utility of the Weather App to make your plan foolproof.

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