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PureFlix Review – Ethical Video Content Platform

Version: 2.4
Size: 8.4M
Author: Pure Flix Digital
Language: English
Rating: 4.1
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PureFlix Review

At first look, PureFlix seems to be just another video streaming app meant for Android smartphones. But if you observe it carefully, you will notice PureFlix is based on ethics and decency. Expect wholesome family entertainment on PureFlix app. You can access movies, shows, biographies, documentaries, animated videos, how-to guides, and much more.

PureFlix content comprises of family-oriented shows and movies that don’t emphasize on obscenity. The app aims at igniting a spiritual spark in the viewers. Watch spiritual and devotional video content on PureFlix app. After enjoying a month of free trial subscription, you can purchase subscription services to access high-quality content.

Features and Functions

PureFlix is an extensive database of video content that includes shows, movies, animated shows, cartoons, educational videos, health & fitness content, and much more. The app aims at bringing viewers close to spirituality. For example, there are animated videos incorporating Christian principles. This type of content is beneficial for inculcating value education in children.

Similarly, various aspects of Christianity are highlighted and available in different forms such as devotional & inspirational videos, audio chants, documentaries, movies, shows, and so on. In addition to religious content, PureFlix focuses on furnishing content that emphasizes on positive qualities. You will not find violence, hatred, vulgarity, and other negative traits in PureFlix video content.

The Home section lists content based on various parameters like featured, favorites, trending, latest, and so on. You can segregate your search on the basis of categories like faith, educational, kids, series, movies & short films, and much more. Curate a customized collection of video content and save it in favorites section. Scout for particular content with the help of search bar.

PureFlix doesn’t compromise on the video quality, provided a high-speed internet connection is present. The app allows you to project video content on a television screen. In the presence of a WiFi network or Chromecast device, easily cast PureFlix content on the big screen. Share the content link with your contacts on social networking sites and let them know about PureFlix app.


Featuring such an extensive collection of videos, it becomes difficult to browse in the app. However, the developers have simplified navigation process so that you can access content without any issues. The Home section lists content in an organized manner so that you can browse effectively. Further, utilize the search option to search videos not listed on the home screen. The information pertaining to content is organized under three headings – summary, share, and details. You can stream episodes by visiting the summary section.


PureFlix is an entertainment as well as an educational platform. The video content doesn’t compromise on the ethics aspect. Children and spiritual seekers can gain valuable knowledge by watching videos on PureFlix. The vast collection of video content in various categories depicts diversity in the app. You can watch for an indefinite period of time without getting bored.

Before purchasing subscription, use PureFlix on a trial basis. If it intrigues, you can purchase a subscription. Just ensure that you have access to a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, you will experience quality issues on PureFlix. Android devices running on Android 4.2 and above are suitable for PureFlix app.

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