Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser Review: your fast and reliable Internet assistant

Rating: 4.3
Size: Varies with device
Author: CloudMosa, Inc.
Language: English
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Puffin Web Browser Review

One of the most dreaded things about making use of internet or the web browser on your mobile is the slow speed with which loading takes place. According to the Puffin Web Browser developers, it is an indecently fast extension that simplifies the use of the network from mobile and computer devices. Once you've experienced the rapid loading speeds provided by this mobile browser, the slower speed of the other browsers will be like watching paint dry. A fast, efficient internet browser that is easy to use, Puffin is slowly winning the hearts of internet users throughout the world. It is as well used for communication, entertainment, work and for other purposes. What more could mobile users ask for?

Features and Functions

Puffin uses a process that allows it to provide the browsing and loading speeds that it offers. Workloads are moved from devices that are limited in resources to cloud servers. This process allows web pages that are resource-demanding to operate at maximum speeds and with efficiency on your tablet or mobile device.

Puffin provides internet security that secures you from the attack of hackers. It is the only browser that can guarantee your safety while making use of public wi-fi systems. Encryption techniques are used to ensure that all traffic and information between the Puffin application and the Puffin server are guarded.

Bandwidth is a huge concern for mobile device users who frequent on the internet. The compression algorithm used by Puffin to transmit data to your device can save you considerably on bandwidth where normal usage is concerned. The ability to adjust the quality of your streaming allows you to control your experience and get the most from the browser.

A virtual trackpad and gamepad are welcome additions for those who enjoy the gaming world and the adventures held within. Puffin offers a full web experience. Just because you are using your mobile device to browse does not mean you have to be limited to a mobile view of the webpage. Enjoy the full experience with the option to make use of the desktop view. The JavaScript Engine used by the Puffin application is the fastest on the market today. Overall, Puffin provides a speedy, effective, and pleasurable browsing experience, even if it is on your mobile device.


The design is beautiful, stylish and modern, and quite interesting. If you've used Opera, this browser will seem pretty convenient. They have a similar interface.

Interface properties:

  • dark windows;

  • one type of font (not in the settings);

  • a list of the most visited sites;

  • a heart icon with a list of bookmarks;

  • a circle icon with new Internet applications (often games);

  • a library of games;

  • several search engines;

  • the panel with tabs.

If you are a user of the Chrome browser, at first, this interface will seem unusual and complex, but then you will get used to it.


While the application itself is easy with a user-interface that is effortless to navigate, there are some limitations. The free version includes ads and popups which can be frustrating, bordering on annoying. The ad-free version will cost you and is available in the App Store.  Internet censorship does not allow those residing in China or Saudi Arabia to make use of the Puffin web browser. Okay, so there are a few little limitations. However, Puffin is a big success. The value and features provided by the web browser far outweigh the downsides.

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