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With the Microsoft Authenticator app, you can instantly and securely verify your identity online for all your accounts. The app comes with a plenty of essential features that secure your accounts and help you protect them from any kind of breach. Published and copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation, the Microsoft Authenticator app is easy to install and setup. Enrolling all your accounts is easy in the app and so is securing them. All you need to do is approve the notification that the app sends you in order to verify your logins. Have a safe and secured web browsing experience with Microsoft Authenticator.

Features and Functions

There are numerous features and functionalities that have been incorporated into the app. Each of these features works towards securing your identity online. The app provides an extra layer of security with its two-step verification process. When you sign in with your account and when you enter your password, you are asked for an additional way to prove that it is you and nobody else is using your account. It is only when you approve the notification or enter the verification code generated by the app, you are allowed to login. Thus, this additional security step ensures that even when someone else has your password, they cannot login to your account.

Other than that two-step process mentioned above, the app also offers the option of phone sign-in. This option works amazingly well on all the personal Microsoft accounts. Once you have enrolled your account through the app, you can sign-in into your account with your phone. Again, in this case, all you need to do is approve the notification that has been sent to the Microsoft Authenticator app. This feature works like a charm on all the Android devices.

There are certain organizations that ask their users to register their devices before accessing any file, email or app. This is done to know that the request is coming from a trusted device. In case, you are looking forward to registering your device, the app lets you do it seamlessly.


The interface of the app has been kept simple and free from any sort of clutter. All the options have been concealed in the top right corner of the app. When you add accounts to the app, you get to see them in the form of a list. There are popups and prompts that the app shows from time to time. These popups are related to your new sign-in request. All you need to do is either deny or approve the request in order to log-in to the account.


The Microsoft Authenticator app makes it easy, secure, and convenient for you to sign-in to your accounts. When you have this amazing app on your smart device, you need not have to enter your password again and again. All you need to do is enter your username and approve the notification to login. With your fingerprint, face ID, verification code or pin, you offer your account an additional layer of security. Whether you wish to protect your Outlook account, OneDrive account, Slack or Facebook account, you can do it all with the help of this simple yet powerful app - Microsoft Authenticator.

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  • Microsoft Authenticator screen shot
  • Microsoft Authenticator screen shot
  • Microsoft Authenticator screen shot
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