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Fortnite has been the game on everyone’s lips for the last year, thanks in no small part to celebrities endorsing it with their dance antics. Now, Epic Games has set its eyes on the bigger target of mobile gaming, though the port from console has admittedly not been easy. Fortnite is the first true battle royale game that lets you employ building mechanics. You’ll need an internet connection to play this version of the game. Also, Fortnite is only compatible with specific versions of iOS and Android devices, so you will have to check if your device can run the game. 

Features and Functions 

Fortnite’s battle royale mode is free to play, unlike Save the World. The game introduces 100 players into an isolated island where they are supposed to survive till the last man standing by scavenging items like health packs and weapons. Exploring the map is encouraged, and the area is continually shrinking to motivate players to confront each other. Fortnite is different in that it introduces building mechanics to the genre, which allows players to gather resources and build structures that offer a tactical advantage. Collecting raw material requires your pickaxe which you use to break everything down. 

Fortnite caters to a vast array of needs. For example, while mobile players are traditionally placed in the same server as other mobile players, there is a cross-platform server if you choose to go into multiplayer mode with players who are on PC or console. This allows for greater cross-compatibility and continuity of play on Fortnite than other battle royale games. With Fortnite, you’ll have to purchase a skin if you want to play as the same character across all platforms. Characters are assigned randomly each time you log in as there isn’t a character creation mode, though all your stats will be saved. 


Part of the marvel of Fortnite on mobile is how realistic the game looks and how that distinct Fortnite feeling is maintained despite the port. The mobile version is obviously less fluid due to hardware limitations. However, visually it is still the same old game that you are used to on console. The player mingling with the environment and the ability to build different kinds of structures is a massive addition to the overall visual experience. While the graphics are nice, the interface on a touch screen feels like a step down a couple of notches. 


Fortnite is a familiar game not only because of the hype that it has received recently but also because it is arguably the best battle royale game released. With the move to mobile and its free-to-play model, millions more can now enjoy this great game. There isn’t much to complain about for this release, although customizing your skins should now be an option in the works for player retention. While the building mechanics that separate it from PUBG are a polarizing issue, Fortnite does let different kinds of fans enjoy the battle royale experience. 

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