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Being ardent tech and gaming admirers, we were looking for a place to meet all our passions, which are: basic apps, new app solutions, utility apps, action-adventure games and exciting innovations in gaming. AppsHost became such a place: after all, if you want to know something, teach it!

On this website, you’ll find the worthiest of the games and apps we’ve used for our benefit or played non-stop, respectively. We don’t provide hosting for apps or games, we only test and review them to narrow down the choice for you. If you have an impeccable collection of apps on your smartphone or exquisite gaming taste, we probably won’t be able to help you. Otherwise, welcome!

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    We keep an eye on new innovative tech and won’t miss a promising title.

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    Our reviewers spend no less than 10 hours a day (or night), making sure everything about the app is perfect.

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    The AppsHost team never stops its search. That’s the way we find the most solid app and game titles.

Why Stay on AppsHost?

Well okay… AppsHost is just another website with tons of other people’s thoughts on this and that. We won’t blame you if you leave this page and never return. Still, we expect you to stay: you’ve never seen such a hardworking team that spends day and night hunting down the best stuff for your PCs, phones and consoles out there.

We’ve built AppsHost as a platform to become a melting pot of our ideas and a place where we meet other people with similar interests. We believe in feedback! Please if you have any idea on how to make our website even more comprehensive and unbiased, write to us immediately!

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