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What we offer?

Let’sPlay's Recording

Besides writing apps’ reviews, we are keen on gaming! And we are happy to present you our favourite service - Let’sPlay's Recording! It’s recording of the game’s walkthrough with voice comments. You can choose the voice, either female or male.

Gamers adore watching Let’sPlays! It is the source of tips and tricks, new possibilities, strategies or just a kind of leisure - it’s like watching a soap-opera, but in the gamer’s universe.

If you have a site for gamers, blog or even YouTube-channel, and you are interested in filling it with new fresh content, you are at the right place!

You can select the most prefered package from the following:

10 - 30 minutes 30 - 60 minutes 1 hour and more
Up to 30$ Up to 50$ Up to 100$

The length of recordings can differ, and the price can vary depending on the length. Just contact us to order the service and we’ll discuss all the details.